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Boise, Idaho
PROUD SOURCE WATER IS BOTTLED WATER DONE RIGHT.?Pristine Rocky Mountain Spring water bottled at the source in an infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle here in Idaho. The water is naturally alkaline with an 8.1pH and contains naturally occurring electrolytes that when combined rehydrate and balance the human body.??FROM VOLCANO TO BOTTLE. SORT OF.The source of our water lies deep within the earth?s granite crust shaped by the Yellowstone super-volcano caldera. Our aquifer is situated between a field of powerful active faults that apply tremendous pressure to the water forcing it up through fissures in the granite. As the water makes its journey through these layers of ancient rock, it springs forth from a registered and protected spring in Custer County, Idaho. Here it is bottled and shared with thirsty people everywhere.??FROM THE GROUND STRAIGHT TO YOUR MOUTH.By bottling our water at the source in aluminum containers, consumers are the first to discover water that has not seen daylight for hundreds of years. Our aluminum bottles utilize an innovative BPA-NI liner that is free of BPA and other harmful chemicals typically found in bottled water. So you taste pure and pristine water that is good for your health!?SAY NO TO PLASTIC.70% of aluminum is recycled in the U.S. while Americans only recycle 31% of Plastic and 34% of Glass. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable meaning it can be recycled over and over again without losing quality or volume. This is why you will find over two-thirds of all aluminum produced still in use today!
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