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Boise, Idaho
Proud Source Water is Water Done Different. We exist to make a positive difference through a fundamentally different approach to water. 
Our Water is different – Proud Source Water is naturally alkaline spring water with no additives.
Available in still and sparkling varieties, Proud Source is filtered by thousands of layers of ancient rock, leaving it mineral rich with a smooth, crisp taste. 
Our Packaging is different – our goal is to offer consumers a sustainable alterative to single-use plastic. 
Our infinitely recyclable aluminum bottle is perfect for on-the-go hydration.  
Our Manufacturing Approach is different – We own and operate our production facilities and bottle directly at the source in the United States. 
With two production facilities in Idaho and Florida, we are able to service 96% of customers in the US within a 1200-mile radius, reducing our overall energy usage and carbon footprint.
Our Commitment is different – we started this company with the intention of uplifting the small town of Mackay, Idaho. Doing what’s right guides every decision at Proud Source Water and continues to have a positive ripple effect as the company expands its reach and impact.
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