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Seattle, WA
About SkinnyDipped 
Seattle-based SkinnyDipped is one of the fastest-growing female-founded companies in the United States. Started by Breezy Griffith, her mom Val, and her two best friends Lizzie and Chrissy, SkinnyDipped makes innovative, low sugar, delicious snacks that are non-GMO, gluten-free and free of artificial ingredients. The brand has grown significantly since it launched at the Griffith’s kitchen table and is now found in more than 23,000 retail doors nationwide, including Target and Amazon. The company’s philanthropic focus—a program called Brick by Brick—builds schools from recycled plastic in cacao-growing regions of West Africa.
Our Mission 
We craft ethical food that makes you and your body happy. We believe everyone deserves to eat the kind of nutritious, clean, delicious food we’re fortunate enough to share with our own families and friends. We work to raise up and support women and the children they care for in both our local communities and around the globe because no child should go without food or an education.

A bit more about us 
We’re a female-founded success story. This alone–regardless of the industry–requires true grit, mettle, and perseverance. It’s not easy out there! And, culture-wise, we operate with an ethos that any idea is plausible until it isn’t. A wild flavor mix prepared with an all new application? We’re trying it. Changing up a logistical step to improve taste (and keep things clean), even if it means significant investment and time? We’re doing it. We march to the beat of our own drum–you could say it’s prideful, but, more so, it’s that we operate with conviction and we do. not. hesitate. The world can be an intimidating place. But we’re not phased.