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Oakland, CA
We develop and market outstanding functional foods and beverages that provide the raw nutritional integrity of pioneering, sustainably wild-harvested plant products. To achieve this we combine innovative scientific methods with local traditional knowledge, from rewilding to agroforestry. This safeguards threatened ecosystems and traditions by giving them mass-market appeal with tangible economic value.WILD FOOD IS POWERFUL RAW FOOD MAKES SENSE ORGANIC IS A HAPPY ACCIDENTOur INGREDIENTS come from very special plants that are: -Keystone species in their native ecosystems -Adapted to sustainable non-invasive harvesting-Produce high bio-availability nutrition-Deliver outstanding and innovative flavor-Develop wild harvestingtraditional organic farmsOur PRODUCTS provide access to:-Unique ingredients from outstanding sources-Unprocessed, unheated nutrition & flavor-Innovative blends with clear functional benefitsNO COOKED UP STORIESNO BOILED DOWN PRODUCTSNO LESSONS TO GIVE NO LIFESTYLE TO SELLNO CONSUMER TARGETNO DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS NO WASTING $ ON BELL(E)S & WHISTLESNO PERFECT PRODUCTNO LIESThey are not a fan of vita coco. respects a company like sambazon.